About i95

i95 is a forward thinking creative agency formed by a pro bowl team of creative talent that brings 30 years of marketing excellence from both the video game and theatrical industries. We are best known for creating award winning game trailers and have worked with many of the biggest publishers and franchises within the game industry.

Think of us as an extension to your overall team.
We play your games and understand your everyday marketing campaign needs.

Our team of art directors, producers, writers, animators, editors, motion graphic & game capture artists strongly believe in working closely together with both your marketing teams and developers to raise the bar of the overall marketing campaign.

i95 is a labor of love and our team’s passion is our profession.

Key Art Awards:

Gold, A/V

Watch Dogs “Accolade” Trailer

Silver, A/V

Madden 25 Trailer

Gold, A/V:

The Evil Within Trailer

Silver, A/V

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon “Welcome” Trailer

Bronze, A/V

Far Cry 4 “Accolade” Trailer

Golden Trailer Awards:

Most Innovative Trailer of the Year:

Prototype 2 “Timeline” Trailer

Most Innovative Trailer of the Year:

Ninja Gaiden Z “Load of Shyte” Trailer